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We're proud of what we do here, and we're proud of that pride, too. So, before we get too out of hand, we'd like to offer you a chance to review why we're so proud, in the entirely self-serving why we feel we have the best site on the Web.
Almost to weird to be true, but not too true to be weird. A real-life episode from the 60's, revealed here (and only here) for the first time. A Rinzai Satori exclusive, so "Entertainment Tonight" can just bite me. So come along as Rinzai Satori Tells All.
The lure of writing bad Hemingway is just too strong. Here Mr. Satori the auteur proves that you don't have to be too good at it to be really bad--so you definitely don't want to be around when Rinzai Satori Murders Hemingway.
One song from 1986, one written more recently in a fit of inspiration (well, in a fit of something). If you thought the Hemingway was bad, you haven't lived until you've been to a Sing Along with Rinzai Satori.
Now with a new, topical song!
Rinzai Satori and the New TV Season--The major networks are losing viewers. Cable is king. Originality is passé--when you find something that works, you do it over and over again. Here was my pick for the top program of the fall '97 season, as a major network forges a strategic alliance with a GenX cable network to produce a show that will somehow be less than the sum of its parts. Remember, you saw it here first.
Rinzai Satori: The Next Generation--They said it couldn't be done. Well, that's not quite correct. What they said was it shouldn't be done. But we here at the Rinzai Satori Institute for Excellence in Mediocrity believe that just because you can do a thing, probably means you already have and what's the point of getting all torn up about it?
The response to the "New TV Season" piece was so monumentally lukewarm that I just had to do something else. I considered three facets of Hollywood that govern all moviemaking: sequels make money, some stars are bankable even though they've never made a good movie in their lives, and nostalgia always sells. So come along while Rinzai Satori Goes to the Movies. (This page takes a long time to download. You've been warned.)
Someone made the mistake of asking Lenny Zen, Jr., "well, what do you think?" Not only was it begging the question, it resulted in the disturbing What I Believe by Lenny Zen, Jr.
Well, Lenny Zen, Jr., is back at it again. Never content to rest on his laurels (they look more like poison ivy to us), he's recently been trying to come up with new and original entertainment concepts. See what happens when Lenny realizes that Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Parody.
Sometimes companies specialize so much in something that they forget what meanings words have to the rest of us outside the field. Witness this actual scan of a windowed envelope which arrived at the office of an associate recently (his name and company name are lined out). Do you think the sender realizes what this sounds like?
Once in awhile, something happens in your life that changes you forever. More often than not, you feel the need to share it with the world. Such sharings, in our opinion, should be short and sweet. Well, this is at least short. Our co-host would like to share Lenny Zen Jr.'s Near Death Experience.
One of these days the big studios aren't going to beat us to the punch with these summer blockbusters. Oh well. Maybe our summer movie will at least do well in the rentals.
We swear, no trick photography was used in the creation of this page. We mean it. We mean, do you think we would stoop that low? No, sometimes the opportunity for a really cheap sight gag presents itself, and all you can do is go with the flow. That's the "Tao of Comedy." Here it is, the Snack Food from Heck.
In that same vein, we offer the The Ultimate Snack Food. Cut to the chase, we always say, and give people what they really want.
Hate deciding where to eat out, especially in those tricky first-date situations? Never fear, we're on the job, here's the place. Trust us, we know what we're doing.
Well, it seems we're in a food groove here. After extensive research--no, wait, after a little bit of research--oh, never mind. After no research at all, we've discovered some food ideas from the major manufacturers that didn't work out as planned. If you've got a strong stomach, join us for The Food of the Damned.
We're not saying they did; we're not saying they didn't. We just thought we'd offer up a bit of wisdom from Marketing 101: How Not to Sell Tires.

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