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BLINDED BY SCIENCE is the musical project of British Music Producer Aubrey Whitfield, who is one of the most well known producers in the UK, and one of the most successful female producers in the world right now. Having worked with an array of artists including Simon Webbe (Blue), South Korean star J-Fla, Charlotte Kelly (Soul II Soul) and being in a duo with Argentinian superstar, Gaston Dalmau, Aubrey has imprinted her signature sound on the records of many indie-pop artists.


Blinded by Science is a new musical outlet for Aubrey, featuring songs she has written and produced in her favourite genres of alternative-pop, indie-pop, and synthpop, all with a bit of 1980s colour thrown in for a bit of nostalgia.


Although primarily a solo project, Blinded by Science will also feature collaborations with other talented singers from across the globe. Think infectious hooks, emotional vocal performances and intelligent thought-provoking lyrics. Blinded by Science aims to bring back emotion and feeling back into modern pop music

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